Autumn Hope Looijen for District 5 Supervisor in San Francisco.
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I'm Autumn Hope Looijen (loy-in), and I'm running for Supervisor in District 5.

If you voted to bring algebra back, you already know my work. I also co-founded the school board recall that won every neighborhood in the city, replacing incompetent school board members with great, practical leaders.

Now the school district is focused on making sure our kids can read and do math -- practical solutions for our public schools.

But while the school district is on the right path, our City is still in crisis.

And our current Supervisor Dean Preston can't fix this.

He stood by the school board leader who made anti-Asian tweets and sued our schools for $87 million
. That wasn't in the best interest of our kids.

And instead of protecting the 806 people who died of drug overdoses last year, Dean does not believe in arresting the drug dealers who prey on them. He blames capitalism instead of taking responsibility for fixing the suffering on our streets.

We need a Supervisor who will focus on practical solutions for the people of San Francisco... a Supervisor who knows that our problems may be persistent, but they can be solved by bringing people together.

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Fenta-NIL: Close the open drug markets

Last year, 810 people in our city died of drug overdoses.

Kids step over needles on their way to school.

Street conditions and crime closed the Tenderloin's grocery store, making it hard for families to get fresh food.

We need to enforce the law and protect our community while also keeping our compassion for the people dying of drugs.

We can and must do both -- in fact, as a sanctuary city, it's our job to protect the vulnerable people we invite here for healing.

See my Fenta-NIL plan for getting fentanyl off our streets and drug users into treatment.

Clean up city hall

We are spending $14 billion a year... yet we're struggling to get the basics right. Our city services are no better than comparable cities spending far less.

Every dollar we waste is a dollar that could have been spent to help someone.

Every nonprofit who receives city funds should be delivering results. If not, their money should be redirected to get the services that the people of San Francisco paid for.

Let's make things work around here.

Help our neighborhoods thrive

Our neighborhoods need responsive government that helps our neighborhood residents and small businesses.

We should clean up the garbage on your street. Take care of the dying tree outside your house. Make sure kids can safely run down to the corner store.

EVERY neighborhood deserves safe clean streets and a thriving community. Everything else is built on that.

We need a City that works relentlessly to make our neighborhoods shine.

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Meet Autumn

I grew up in Kirkland, WA, the daughter of a public school teacher. I knocked doors for clean water for two Seattle summers, and cooked gado gado with my Indonesian grandmother, who'd survived internment camps as a young woman in WWII. I edited the Caltech student newspaper and co-authored a book on pranks.

At the dawn of the internet, I worked at Netscape, where we used 30,000 volunteers from all over the world to organize the web. Our open-source data was used for Google's initial crawl, and our project was the inspiration for Wikipedia.

In Dec 2020, I moved to Lower Haight with my partner Siva and our kids.

I launched the school board recall with Siva, and we took our movement from literally zero (we knew about six people in SF) to a landslide that won every neighborhood in the City.

Most recently, I ran a campaign to bring algebra back to middle school. My community worked with the school district, the city, and the people of San Francisco to bring algebra back -- and it worked. This fall, for the first time in a decade, our 8th graders will be learning algebra.

Our campaign does not accept money from drug dealers.
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